Thursday, April 02, 2020

Just passing Tower Bridge

Back in the days when we were both living and working mainly in London, my wife would often join me after office hours for social events, at first in Bloomsbury and later on in Soho. 

Like any self-respecting Chapin, she tended to struggle a bit with punctuality. I'd call up to see where she'd got to and although she was either still at her own desk in the City or at home about to dip into the shower, she'd tell me she was 'just passing Tower Bridge'. 

This became one of our in-jokes. So the other night, when Trump announced that the epidemic in the US would peak in the next couple of weeks, we both turned to each other and exclaimed 'he's just passing Tower Bridge'. 

Trump is also hoping large swathes of his audience consider peak a synonym for end. 

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