Saturday, April 25, 2020


I see some signs of complacency around here, along with indications that the economic affliction is starting to come to the fore. 

One neighbour, who only a couple of weeks ago didn’t seem to leave home without donning his rubber suit and WWI-style gas mask, was out washing his car yesterday in t-shirt and shorts...and sin mascarilla. 

And then, as I later waited beside the carretera for a break in the traffic (not such a rarity, not so long ago) a couple of motorcyclists pulled up alongside to offer me a ride. Another shot past shouting ‘taxi taxi’.  

These guys are out to do to Uber that which Uber didst do to the tuktuks and the which latter did to the ­čÜĽ back in the mid-noughties. 

Meanwhile, the rate of infection hit a new peak again yesterday, thanks in no small part to one person passing the virus to 23 others. 

Quite possibly either a pizza delivery man or some twat who threw a fiesta.

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