Thursday, April 23, 2020

Under Duress

The Trump Show today was extraordinary even by the standards already set.

The whole thing pivoted around an appearancee by CDC Director Robert Redfield, hauled in no doubt by the men in black suits in order to make a public recantation of remarks made to the media yesterday about the upcoming combined coronavirus/winter flu season, now looking a lot more likely than the 20/21 Premier League season.

One can infer that the MIBs had briefed him to blame the media just like their boss always does, but Redfield seemed to struggle visibly with even with the notion that he'd been misquoted.

So on came a flustered-looking Dr Birx to pour her trademark equivocation sauce over proceedings, but Trump was clearly losing it on the sidelines and soon waved her aside, before delivering a speech in which he must have hoped to come across as a bona fide scientific authority, reassuring absolutely no one that a second wave should be nothing to worry about.

As a sort of quid pro quo, the President himself must have been (cattle-) prodded to deliver a public wrist-slapping to the Governor of Atlanta, Brian Kemp, which he did in a mumbly way, out-doing even the CDC Director for faltering, pistol-in-the-small-of-the-back commitment.

Oh, and then he promised employment levels would be even better after the pandemic than they were before. 

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