Saturday, April 25, 2020

Si es posible..

As noted, while many of the regional restauranteurs hoping to stay in their seats during the slow-motion ­čÜé-wreck have turned themselves into pizza-to-go operations, others have come up with some more distinctive (peculiar) propositions. 

For instance, Rodolfo Castellanos, chef-proprietor at possibly the best restaurant in central Oaxaca - Origen - has taken to vacuum-packing his cocktails. 

The end result looks a bit like something that would more typically be delivered by paramedics, and it made me ponder just how much of the cocktail-quaffing experience is location, location, location. 

Still, a quick read-through of the ingredients does perhaps suggest that the contents of this little plasma pouch might also be poured quite advantageously into one’s frijoles cocidos.

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