Friday, April 03, 2020

The Great Pizza Bubble

So, Giammattei has ordered the beaches and lakes closed for Holy Week. 

How exactly is that going to work over at Atitlán?

The imprecision in the measure is once more apparent. Closed for swimming, closed for navigation or closed to outsiders completely? 

In the UK the police have been dumping black dye into lagoons that might otherwise remain attractive to swimmers. 

Meanwhile, having long debated with friends in Antigua whether or not pizza saturation point had been reached, I think we can all agree that we’re well past that stage now, into something approaching the great pizza bubble. 

Even restaurants that never before offered pizza are now competing for customers with the existing horde, many of whom must be feeling a degree of consternation at the unexpected arrival of reinforcements. 

The latter must also be regretting that they didn’t offer home delivery before, as experience has to count for something in this situation and in the likely prolonged absence of tourists, it could become part of that over-heralded phenomenon, the new normal. 

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