Thursday, April 09, 2020


One of our near neighbours in the village has gone to ground with enough food supplies to provide relief to a small Caribbean nation after a natural disaster, private ventilator machines etc. 

Rich people in Guatemala are not generally known for their community spirit. 

And one thing we have learned these last few days is that the more selfish elements of the country's elite are more than capable of screwing things up for everyone else.

One exemplar walked into a private hospital and signed in (think of the receptionists, the pen that was used) with a fever and maybe even a persistent dry cough. 

I suppose the idea of that bed awaiting at the Parque Industrial was sufficiently unappealing to override any sense of personal responsibility. 

The end result, fairly immediately, was a pair of resident consultants testing positive, suggesting that they were unprepared for this sort of walk-in. And today, around half a dozen new cases associated with this case of personal exceptionalism. 

There really do have to be stiffer penalties for this sort of thing. If any one of the people thus infected were to die, manslaughter charges surely would be appropriate. 

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