Friday, April 03, 2020

The Clone Wars

Michael, one of my oldest non-Chapin friends in Antigua, once confided to me how he thought long and hard before opening his shop ⁠— La Nube ⁠— about the sort of business that could thrive in the city without being almost immediately swamped by clones. 

Duck feather pillows have done the job for him in that respect for many years now. They are perhaps also a bit more recession-proof than other available discretionary purchases, like spa treatments, though I imagine that trade is currently suspended. (Fortunately, my friend belongs to Antigua’s diminishing class of hobbyist, gentleman-entrepreneurs.) 

Only last week I was noting with admiration how Pappy’s BBQ has significantly adjusted its offer towards the home and even retail markets by vacuum-packing their food. Well now there are already several copycats trill-rauuuuling on the tejados of Antigua.

Here in Antigua the Johnnies don’t even come lately. 

Ofertón Pérez of the day. 

Fancy breakfast in November? You can pay for it now. 

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