Thursday, February 11, 2021


In theory (i.e. according to the latest wild promise to emerge from the mouth of Boris) all Brits of my age-group will have had the chance to be jabbed by May.

In my case however, this 'chance' is starting to look like a classic Catch-22. The longer I leave it the more likely I will need to be vaccinated just in order to go and get vaccinated.

And right now a visit to the UK would commence with an extended stay at a so-called quarantine hotel (where I'd be responsible for making up my own room) for the tidy price of 1750 quid.
I'd then have to wait up to three months for the second shot and, based on current regulations, would neither be permitted to leave the UK nor, should I somehow get around that one, be allowed to re-enter Guatemala, at least without spending a few days somewhere else first.

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