Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Shots in the arm...

The good news seems to be that nobody that has had any of the leading vaccines against covid-19 has subsequently been hospitalised with a severe form of the disease.

The various jabs are however less than 100% effective in staving off all symptoms and, at least in the case of the Moderna vaccine, reduce transmission by up to 66%. (And it is currently assumed something similar occurs with its competitors.)

This suggests that vaccination passports alone would not be sufficient to give the necessary shot in the arm to international travel in 2021. 


Matthew Lynn in the Spectator this week...
At the current rate of the rollout, it will be 2024 before most of Europe hits the 70 per cent inoculation level believed to be necessary to take a population to a critical level of immunity. Australia and Japan have not even started yet, while much of the developing world is being left to fend for itself.

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