Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One week to go...

McCain-Palin is turning into a nightmare ticket for the GOP. One makes neo-liberal economic policy sound passé, the other makes it sound stupid. As for foreign policy, why is there any surprise that Al Q has endorsed them?

I had a quite terrible nightmare the other night. In it I'd been watching the upcoming election night coverage up to the point where the first swing state had been called for Obama, but had experienced a 2nd degree nodding off, only to wake up suddenly within this dream and find that McCain had been declared the surprise victor. As Obama made a sad farewell speech to an almost empty auditorium, my waking mind echoed to a single flailing enunciation: "noooooooooooooooooo....."

It echoed a painful lived experience. I remember drifting off late in the night back in November 2000 shortly after CNN had just declared the Sunshine State for Gore. The TV was still on as I dozed, and Gore's sudden reversal in fortune became a kind of phantasmagoric experience. I opened my eyes to news of Bush's apparent victory feeling that the world had somehow fallen asleep at the wheel and skidded off the road!

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