Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A quick hueva update

There are signs that the new season - the dry one that is - is finally under way. The last couple of mornings have been notable for the almost complete absence of humidity combined with a powerful breeze which has set the tall eucalyptus tree on the adjacent lot a creakin' most worryingly.

Last week the rainy season had a final hurrah with a memorable deluge which resulted in an overflowing of the Rio Pensativo (the thoughtful river!) to the south of our colonia, Panorama. The last third of the cobbled street which runs south of the main square was almost completely inundated with mud and we had a first hand report from an architect friend down there who found himself knee-deep in sticky, cocoa-coloured lodo at home that evening.

There's a whiff of coffee pulp in the air today.

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