Monday, October 27, 2008

TV viewing diary - Stephen Fry in America

So far a bit like Borat...but with fewer cultural learnings. Was there ever a more superficial survey of the 50 states?

Fry seems most at home when he's an invited guest in the home of the wealthier, snobbier sort of American. Miami meanwhile is "a hole". 

I did like that quote from Gore Vidal - one time resident of La Antigua Guatemala - that the puritans came to America not so much to escape persecution, but in order to be able to practice it more freely! 

Other interesting factlets were the cost of owning a New York Yellow Cab - $600,000 - and that just 10% of cabbies in the Big Apple are native born these days.

And we both laughed out loud when a member of the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles gave as his rationale for rejecting one heartfelt plea for early release that "the only reason he stopped killing people is that he ran out of ammo."

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