Monday, November 16, 2009


A bedtime conversation last night...

— what was that crap I ate today?
— buche

I was perhaps feeling a little bitter about our earlier off-site degustation, having just finished watching Francia y sus Quesos on el exquisite form of torture for foodies finding themselves an ocean's width away from fine frommage.

The squid-like texture of the buche, accompanied by a powdery cheese the colour of Cornish dairy ice-cream, seemed like a very poor substitute for Reblochon, Sainte Nectaire, Brin D'Amour and Comté.

Indeed, it had been vraiment painful to watch the intonationally-challenged Bruno and Olivier nibbling at these distant delights whilst swilling superior Burgundies.

The programme hasn't been uploaded to YouTube, but there are some better clips around these days of the pair's Boulangerie show. It can take you a while to realise that Bruno is actually speaking Spanish:

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