Tuesday, November 10, 2009

La Cumparsita of the Day #32

Not for the purists.

From the comments: "Esto suena mas griego que el tango, les acredito el tratar de tocarlo pero mejor que no traten mas, jodieron al tango."
(An Argie by any chance?)


scott said...

Well, I agree that this arrangement is not really a tango, but I'm giving them credit and assuming they wanted that flavor..not really Greek to my ears.

I recall another one you posted that was in 3/4...!! must have given the argies fits :)

elgordo said...

I think this version is great. Years ago, in Guatemala City, there was a bar calle Bar. It had a juke box that played several Guatemalan songs with guitars and not marimba. It was a revelation. I had considered us so different from the rest of Latin Americans, but our music, like Rio Polochic, is part of the greater Latin American culture. There is a bit of Spanish soul underneath the hormigo.

Inner Diablog said...

I learned a while back that 'Juke Box' is an English tern that derives from a Mayan original!