Friday, November 06, 2009

Epic death squad fail

The mayor of Mexico's richest municipality has inadvertently revealed his powers of premonition by announcing the demise of the man who tried to assassinate him some three hours before the body was discovered:

"[Mauricio] Fernandez, the mayor of San Pedro Garza Garcia...was applauded when he revealed that Hector 'Black' Saldaña, a cartel chief turned kidnapper, had been killed. The announcement, however, was premature – according to Mexico City prosecutors, Saldaña's blindfolded body was not found for another three hours, and was not identified until two days later."

Surfer has reminded me about the great old Ronny Barker sketch where he's playing a TV news anchorman in the USSR. Reporting that a leading comrade has been run over by a car, he then adds "ah no, sorry, that's next week's news."

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