Thursday, April 01, 2021

The Dry (2020)

There was nothing here to make me seriously regret having abandoned Jane Harper's bestselling novel a few years back, pretty much after the first act. 

Director Robert Connolly works the location and situation (dryness) well enough, but beneath the aesthetic coating the plot is TV episode interesting. 

It's possible that the book handles the interactions between Falk's recollections of his youth in Kiewarra and the contemporary investigation a bit more appealingly, as the use of flashbacks here feels somewhat awkward and superficial. 

The township characters are mostly Aussie archetypes, though the guy running the local bar-come-hotel stood out a bit. It’s almost as if there’s a more interesting Tim Winton-style story buried beneath all the cliché

Someone on IMDB commented that it reminded them of Picnic at Hanging Rock. Well, it's set in rural Australia, there's a tragic mystery surrounding a young girl, and a rock. But...


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