Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Sapos Abroad

It appears that there is actually a place in the Languedoc called Chateau Arrogant. I seem to have missed a trick when it came to naming my house! 

It belongs to the self-styled 'humble wine-maker' called Jean-Claude Mas, who has clearly spotted a way to make age-old English prejudices bring home le bacon for him. 

Whilst the blurb on his website recognises that 'the French seen as arrogants (sic) are less popular abroad', his ambibulous brand mascot is introduced as a rather nice frog; 'a bit dandy'. 

I've not tried any of his wines but am suitably intrigued. There's a comprehensive selection of varietals made from grapes grown in the Limoux region, at 200m altitude and around 100km from the coast just south of Narbonne. 

These modern French wines, made with techniques pioneered in the new world are usually excellent

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