Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wrath of Man (2021)

I've not seen the French original — Le Convoyeur (Cash Truck) — but I'm immediately willing to imagine that it lacked a few things that Guy Ritchie's English version has: the extra running time, plus premium convolutions, all that ludicrous sub-Tarantino dialogue and chapterisation and, most significantly, Le Stath.

So, after all that, this new film has to be the better one, right?

By the way, writing his review in the Guardian Benjamin Lee suddenly, and somewhat bafflingly, reflects...

One wonders what an actor with more depth might have brought to the role of grieving father, whether the flashes of pain would have cut a little deeper had they been delivered with more than just a scowl. 


I no more wanted to have to deal with H's grief here than I ever wanted to see John Wick snivelling every time he trips over his murdered dog's food bowl.

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