Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dam them all to Hell

Guatemala's Vice Presidente Eduardo Stein has some strong views about the 'wall' that the gringos intend to build along their border with Mexico: “We take it as a total insult to all Latin America that a government calling itself a friend and partner in the region only wants our money and our goods, but sees our people as if they were an epidemic. They treat us as if we were a sub-hemisphere of criminals."

Noting that the border fence seems to have enjoyed a faster route through approval and implementation than CAFTA, Stein went on to say that Guatemala would look "for other latitudes where people are more respected," referring to a proposed link up with South America's Mercosur trading block.

Fuego (3,700m) has been erupting impressively again over the past weekend, sending ash columns up to 150m into the air above the valley and lava flows some 1.5km down the volcano's flanks.