Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Maya Deity of the Day: Itzamná

Itzamná (or God D) was Maya civilisation's high priest and cultural czar, having provided it with both writing and calendrical science. He is also said to have taught them how to cultivate corn.

Most often depicted as a toothless old duffer with square eyes and squinty pupils, as well as sunken cheeks and a bulbous nose, Itzamná is sometimes said to be the child of the creator god Hunab Ku, and as such has inherited the latter's position as the paramount supernatural power.

He wears a petaled headband which holds a mirrored ornament and the akbal glyph for night and darkness.

His name means 'lizard house'.

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Where is your photo from?

I have a little bit of information on Maya gods here.