Sunday, August 04, 2019

La Mara Apestatrucha

There's a certain well-lubricated set of gringos of an advancing age here in La Antigua. In the past we've referred to them as the 'Big Fish', not without a dollop of British sarcasm, for they are appear to be textbook cases of 'Big Fish In Small Pond' syndrome. 

The epithet is appropriate in another sense as well as they generally go about with the aspect of a fish that has been dragged down the road by a dog. 

In spite of this, many have married much younger local women  some on multiple occasions  and having opened some small bar or restaurant prance around town as if they were captains of industry or serial entrepreneurs worthy of a Forbes profile. 

Another common feature of the heavyweight lightweights that make up this gang  this mara  is that they appear to have scant regard for the rules and regulations of Guatemala. 

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norm said...

Small time hoods are common enough everywhere, it is a very normal part of small town life. In my experience, they tend to prey on each other more than the civilians.