Monday, October 30, 2023

Head Lease

To better understand some of the extremely naïve (or deeply disingenuous) positions behind much of the pro-Palestinian thinking in the West, one can make use of an analogy from the South Atlantic and Las Malvinas/Falkland Islands.

What Israel faces on a daily basis is NOT the equivalent of Argentina saying "How about this? We'll take West Falkland and you keep East Falkland, and on each island everyone can speak whichever language they want, drive on the side of the road they want to, live their chosen lifestyle according to their private values, etc."

No, it's as if Argentina has an unequivocal clause in their constitution which obliges them to de-colonise, er...exterminate the current inhabitants of the islands or at the very least drive them into the ocean for good.

Even if a "two island solution" were feasible, it would be like North and South Korea, a line on the map on one side of which citizens are systematically brutalised, in this instance non-conformist women and LGTBQ+ citizens in particular. 
In all fairness, how can Israel ever sign up to a lasting cease-fire with Gaza if those are the basic terms of engagement? Suggesting otherwise is unhelpful.

When Argentina invaded in '82 they were clearly not motivated by some atavistic hatred of the Falklanders, and they certainly did not embark on an irrepressible slaughter, they just wanted the title deeds for the rocks, penguins, sheep...the head lease, even.

It's no use pretending that this is what Hamas are about, because it is not.
And referring to what is happening to the people of Gaza as a 'genocide' is deceitful at best.

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