Thursday, January 04, 2024

The Holdovers (2023)


A movie that comes with a pre-packaged defence against many of the criticisms one might level at it.

Sure it is clichéd, corny and more than a little schematic, but it is trying to be all these things. How you respond to it depends to a large extent on how Alexander Payne has made it, simulating an authentic movie from 1970 and thus an originator product which cannot really be accused of a lack of originality. 

Anyway, it very much worked for me. Partly because it made me laugh, which usually stops me thinking too much and partly because some of its nostalgic tropes resonate with my own nostalgia, specifically with my experiences of New England in the 80s and aspects of those at both the end of school and the start of university. (This was less pertinent for V so she had only the humour to fall back on.) 





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