Friday, January 28, 2005

The smell of burning atheists in the morning

This headline in the Daily Mirror today had me chuckling. You could just imagine the following sentence underneath: Richard Dawkins said to be "still fairly optimistic" about his chances in the afterlife.


Stevie A. McHugh said...

Dropped in on your blog and noticed this entry. It's insightful; and it's also sad in that it touches on a profoundly pathetic reality. People ignore the blatantly obvious to the destruction of their own souls, and it happens every day. Evidence of God is written across every sunrise, it's sung about in every call of nature, and it's stamped in our hearts. The bottom line is, those who ignore Jesus as the way to God are the only ones responsible for the ultimate burning of their flesh.

HELL IN THE AFTERLIFE: The smell of burning atheists for the balance of eternity

Inner Diablog said...

Sadly I too am one of those that daily marinates himself in preparation for the great fleshy barbecue.

I'm not averse to the odd cheap shot at Professor Dawkins though, whose characteristic manner of explaining what he sees as Nature's own "blatantly obvious" bottom line borders on zealotry.

Appreciate the feedback though!