Tuesday, August 14, 2007


There has been a low-level media frenzy in our immediate neighbourhood in Antigua, as it turns out that the alleged baby-snatchers' secret base was the Casa Quivira, a new building which sits at the entrance to San Pedro el Panorama, and a few minutes' stroll from our front door.

The lawyer and notary of the dodgy foster home's owners (Clifford Phillips of Florida and his Guatemalan wife, Sandra González, both currently out of the country) were detained and subsequently admitted to hospital, as they had suddenly developed health problems. Meanwhile the 46 'rescued' children have been sent into care by a judge.

V took Jin for a walk up past the suspect property and told me rather excitedly this morning that she had been chatting to los cuques and had spotted the crew from Primer Impacto.

She claims that she found the couple's use of gringo builders in the construction of
Casa Quivira more than a bit suspicious at the time, and given the fact that the police currently appear to lack any concrete evidence of illegal practices, surmises that there might be a hidden room or compartment in there where all the incriminating documents are stashed!

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Anonymous said...

I found this blog through my search of Casa Quivira. Please know that nothing illegal is going on at CQ. We are currently concerned because the police are not allowing our babies to have needed supplies without a court order. They need formula and the police are only giving them whole milk, which is not adequate for children under 12 mnths. The Dr has not been able to visit since Sat and some of these babies need constant care. We feel our hands are tied and just want everyone to know everything is false reported in the initial media reports. Several news sources are correcting themselves, but now the Attny General is putting restrictions on the care of our babies. If you live close can you help us tell these reporters to ask the police the questions and get what is needed. We beg for help !