Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yuca Shuca

We're both getting a bit sick of eating yuca after V bought 15 sticks of the stuff last week in Alotenango: "Me fui de boca."

Due to a bad back I haven't been into town much since the Champions League Final on Wednesday. Not only did John Terry miss the penalty and lose the cup for Chelsea, he blew a golden opportunity to make Cristiano Ronaldo the laughing stock of European football. Shame.

The rains have come, but so far Antigua has avoided the worst of the downpours. The other night lightning was flashing away behind the volcano like a faulty lamp and in the morning we learned of serious flood damage in Palín. Still, it amuses me how this kind of weather is reported on the local news stations as if it didn't turn up around this time every year.

Wandering around Antigua today I've noticed a couple of interesting 'hooks' from local establishments such as the "as much wine as you can drink" offer advertised on Fridays at the Cine Lounge. The trick there would seem to be to pick the right movie to accompany a vino tinto bender. Then there's the Martini Night at Nokiate sushi bar: Q100 (approx six pounds fifty) for as many martinis as you can gulp down. Of course it only really becomes value for money after the fourth!

There's also a newish Korean restaurant called Casa Veronica which shows fairly current movies every Tuedsay night which should be worth trying out.

The other night we watched I am Legend, at best half of a good movie. It's great until the dog develops fangs and then the arrival of random Brazilian woman provokes a discomfiting outburst of bollocks about God and Bob Marley.

My blogging will remain intermittent until we get a land line and an Internet connection at home: at least a month away I'd say.

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