Thursday, November 03, 2011

The 70 That Matter

Yes he's back: El Chapo is at No55 on Forbes magazine's list of The 70 That Matter.

As ever it's an idiosyncratic, Yankocentric chart. Guzmán Loera comes in seven places ahead of Japan's new PM Yoshihiko Noda. Indeed, Japan's leader is now deemed considerably less weighty in today's world than Brazil's.

Meanwhile, the ECB's 'Super Mario' Draghi matters (just) a bit more than Nicholas Sarkozy, while the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon matters a lot less (at 38) than several US corportate CEOs, though, surprisingly enough, Carlos Slim ("& family") outrank Amazon's Jeff Bezos, who clearly lacks significant relatives. Berlusconi's in, Zapatero isn't. No room either for Papandreou, who matters quite a lot right now and may still do so tomorrow.

And what's with the President of the International Fencing Assocation Alisher Usmanov, at 70?

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