Saturday, November 18, 2023

Gasping for air...

Many of the fellow travellers of extremist political Islam will tell you that their primary concern is the well-being of the Gazan people and in so doing will often ascend to the moral high ground so rapidly, that should you try to follow, you’ll find yourself gasping for air quite quickly.

Is it possible for someone who sits proudly up there at the ethical summit to be anything less than admirable? Quite often, yes.

Many of these seasoned climbers were already tented up at base camp (at least) on October 7.

Some seem aware of this prickly little temporal problem and will say “But you have to take into account what happened before the massacre.” That is if they don’t resort to some form of miniature Holocaust denial.

So we can look back beyond Hamas’s big play, all the way back to 2001 and what we find is that back in the day before they learned to be relentlessly righteous about the plight of Gazans, many of these same paragons of political and humanitarian virtue could be found speculating that the many thousands of victims of the 9-11 attacks were somehow deserving of their deaths, or that “The USA had it coming”.

And again, there was always the lurking stench of conspiracy and Holocaust denial beneath this dirty discourse: It was an inside job, the Israelis did it etc. 


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