Friday, November 17, 2023

The Terror Plea Bargain

This week I have been nonplussed by a new TikTok phenom: American morons publicly declaring their existential crises after reading Osama Bin Laden's 'Letter to America', apparently having belatedly discovered that the bearded one was 'right'.

These individuals have lost all sense of the distinction between absolute and relative evil, if they ever had one. Flat-Earthism as Flat-Ethics.
This is undoubtedly a wider phenomenon, often hidden in the mass population nowadays, I suspect.

It is one reason why I think the characterisation 'Terrorist' can be as unhelpful as 'Nazi', though for significantly different reasons.

These days any terrorist can easily deploy the geopolitical version of the 'society woz to blame' excuse for any mass atrocity.

And it would be fair to say that across history some terrorists have been so-called "genuine freedom fighters" and thus guilty of the misdemeanour version of the charge, or at least deserving of some leniency based on circumstances. Their own little share of overall 'justice'.

Yet the fact that any given terrorist might be something less than a terrorist unhelpfully obscures the fact that some are MORE than just terrorists.

Take Hamas for example. They are in a sense freedom-rapists, freedom-barbarians, death obsessed zealots who simply cannot ever adjust to changed circumstances and coexist with their former enemies like many 'retired' terrorists and guerrillas have done in the past, not least over here in Latin America.

Calling Hamas 'terrorists' allows for the standard plea bargain. It should not.
In thirty years of civil war and both civic and guerrilla resistance to a legally-validated genocide, there never was anything to compare here in Guatemala with the moral degeneracy of Gaza's leadership.

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