Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Woking Relationship

We might chuckle, yet in spite of this rather obvious point of doctrinal difference, there does seem to be some sort of strange mutual appreciation in play here.

Let's call it a Woking Relationship. 

I do feel that there has to be more to this than an expedient strategic collaboration a la Hitler-Stalin of 1939. More than just the shared appetite for bullying everyone into silence with their doubletalk, and if that doesn't work... 

 In the last century when Leftist extremists and then, a bit later, Islamists, started to gather significant numbers of followers and even some localised political ascendancy, these were both hard-nosed, hard-hearted positions to assume, and for that reason, authentic. 

Yet as these two forms of intolerance rub shoulders, especially within the academic medium of a West in decline, where one is always a victim long before the opportunity to be a hero arises, they have started to appreciate that the mutual cosplay can actually bring benefits. 

For in a society of surface and spectacle, purity is a bit of a handicap. This way, they can stay true to their own core inverted-values, yet indulge in some theatrical posturing largely derived from a parallel ideology. 

And that might actually make their combined power base that much harder to take back. 

Here's an Israeli satirical skit which also captures the ludicrousness of the situation, if not its underlying practical drift.



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