Tuesday, March 10, 2020


My wife’s nephew is a Guatemalan virologist who has worked in the past with the WHO. 

In his view what the country currently lacks is not actual cases of covid-19, but any capacity to effectively detect them. 

The press release below is the equivalent of ‘We’ve not been able to spot any STDs in our community, so come on down for a big Easter shag-fest.’ 

The level of irresponsibility is near criminal. 

I simply don't care if your livelihoods might suffer. There are people alive today who won't be in a few months time as a result of this policy.

Cozumel has depended to a large extent on the trade brought by cruise ships. But a large section of the island's population has had the sense since last week to stand along on the pier and shoo away the liners. For the foreseeable future, the cruise industry is a gonner. They have probably figured this out and started to adapt. 

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