Saturday, March 14, 2020

Semana Santa is suspended... Seville

First time since the Civil War and at an estimated cost of €400m. 

Well done Juan Espadas Cejas. It took courage but he must have known what was coming. 

Total lockdown now imminent anyway across the country. 

Last night planes from the UK destined for Spain were turning back in mid-flight. 

It does seem that nations with 'Latin' domestic arrangements tend to lose control far more quickly than anywhere else. 

One bunch of eedjits who may be in for a rough ride are those bogus bomberos of Alerta-3. Only tourists and out-of-towners seem to give them their spare change. The bona fide municipal bomberos do however need as much community support as we can all provide. At present they lack even basic protective gear. 

BTW my own slightly deceptive title here reminded me of some of the truly underhand headlines that the London Evening Standard used to indulge in during my youth. (We all remember the sort: ‘Famous Actor Dies’. And it turned out to be an extra on Crossroads.) 

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