Sunday, March 08, 2020

'The apex of weak thought'

I'm ready for self-isolation, are you? 

Whilst Australians punch each other over the last remaining bog rolls (and laxatives), Italians, as always, are gesticulating wildly over the finer details.

While civilisation collapses around us it is indeed important to remember which of them hills one is inclined to die on. 

My feeling is that the big test is now imminent. How covid-19 goes down in history, not just as an epidemic but also as a cultural, political and economic event, will be determined by what happens in New York City over the next few weeks. 

That said, I am definitely getting the impression that even if the zombie apocalypse were to be going full speed ahead up in El Norte, Guatemalans would still be coming out in force for Cuaresma

Self-isolation is my wife's default response to the Easter period, so for her at least, the coming weeks will be business as usual.

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