Friday, March 27, 2020

The Harry Potter approach

Boris says that thanks to the 'wizardry' of modern technology, he can continue to run the country from his sick-bed with covid-19

Digital tech is apparently plugging some gaps (home schooling for example) in an effective manner, which in certain instances may presage a new normal, post-pandemic. 

However, I was genuinely disheartened to listen to this defiantly up-beat post from the mistress of my college, Susan J Smith

Surely no amount of wizardry can make up for a lost last term at Cambridge. 

I sense some unfairness in this. 

Just like the stalled Premier League season must surely be allowed to run to its conclusion whenever possible, there is a potent argument against this sort of fudge. 

Liverpool have waited 'aeons' for this title and similarly, the current set of undergrads approaching their finals will have invested three precious years in a process, the denouement of which is often the most cherish-able. 

Why put the needs of those yet to matriculate  next year's intake  before those with unfinished business of graduation and everything that can be crammed (collectively) into an Easter term. 

If even the IOC and Japan can (albeit) grudgingly propose to hold 'Tokyo 2020' in 2021, Cantab can find a way to resolve this, even if it means shortening term breaks or finding extra accommodation. 

The University has been through this before during the wars. No wizardry then. It shouldn't be used now as an unconvincing pretext by them, or indeed by Boris. 

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