Saturday, March 21, 2020

Essential Services

So, the commercial sector, barring essential services and agriculture, is to shut down for the rest of the month...'voluntarily'. In doing so Giammattei is making one of those Jeremy Corbyn-esque fudges that comes across as a bit Schrödinger's statesman, but he really cannot afford to go harder on the informal economy, as it has almost no slack at all. There's a degree of arse-covering involved, but I cannot really complain because only the other day I was recommending against one-size-fits-all policies, and in the context of Guatemala this is what you can do. The local alcaldes probably are the ones best placed to apply this directive.

He also seemed to be saying to the 3000 or so stranded tourists: "Don’t complain that you are stuck, you can eff off to Belize and Mexico." And yet INUAT is meanwhile trying to generate some much-needed income for the hotel sector here by offering them discounted rates.

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