Monday, March 30, 2020

Did you get the memo?

Someone didn't.

My copy said that no commercial activity of any kind, with the now familiar and limited exceptions, was to continue at any time of the day. 

After 4pm even those exceptions were then to cease and desist, though another part of the document handled the need for urgent medical/pharmaceutical assistance separately. 

Yet this morning, standing in my garden, I could tune into the monotonous hum of local cottage industry. Plus the rustling occasioned by the poles of next door's pool cleaners when they connect with my fence and its foliage. Pool cleaners! 

And a friend sent me this pic from the parque earlier this morning. Payday and creeping complacency. 

"Today scared me. The banks were insane. I estimate MAYBE 2 in 10 people were using masks. People were one foot apart in bank lines. Crowds of 20 maskless people were standing around in the park and on the streets. It was insanity," he wrote. 

This state of affairs has left even the Prensa Libre confused. They point out that the Prez doesn't appear to have read his own memo carefully enough, because during last night's address he said it was still OK for his imaginary friend Doña Chona to continue to operate as long as she uses a mascarilla and provides alcohol gel...and presumably also keeps her pink unicorns indoors. 

Meanwhile, this sort of 'civil disobedience', which I predicted some time ago, ought to be clamped down on pretty quickly, because it is only going to get worse over the course of the next fortnight. 

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