Monday, March 16, 2020

Keeping Antigua 'Alive'

Hoh, hum, this can't be the best way to approach this...even if it were not explicitly prohibited by the state of emergency commencing at 8am tomorrow.

Here in El Panorama we've have an active Whatsapp group for vecinos concerned about security and other matters for a few years now. 

Earlier this month I sold my holding in a company by attending a web conference with an internationally-dispersed group of shareholders. It wasn't perfect, as the discussion did go off on slightly wild tangents, but it eventually worked. 

Given the prevailing concerns about large-ish gatherings of people (and this, in a hotel of all places), there has to be a safer format. 

And the trouble with it, beyond the risk of contagion, is that it is likely to pan out like the residents' meetings I recall in London, where the individual obsessions of participants derailed the consultation process almost from the outset. 

Less real time digital debates filter out the noise a bit. 

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