Saturday, March 21, 2020

Toque de #quedateencasa

Giammattei was guiltier than ever of vagueness yesterday evening. I had to watch the address twice before I had a proper inkling about what he might have been saying. 

His speech already has more interpretations than quantum theory.

I've heard it suggested that the municipal markets should have been told to open from noon to 4pm, rather than 4am to noon, ‘because the virus doesn’t much like the heat’. 

Although common sense would seem to suggest that limiting opening hours might tend to lead to greater concentrations of people at any one time, this protestation does seem to be grounded in a bit of self-serving logic from the huevón community. 

And frankly, if someone is too huevón to make it to market in the morning, they are probably also huevón with regards to a whole set of public health protocols, so any measure that keeps them indoors is to be commended. 

Guatemala’s markets have a more crepuscular, commercial, al mayor functionality, which can more easily be observed at the break of the day. 

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