Thursday, March 19, 2020

Private Amnesties

Why is there an ice cream cart being pushed around the village by a maskless man, clearly over 65...and exhausted?

Why are so many not-so-hard-up members of the community granting themselves personal amnesties with regard to the basic protocols laid down by the authorities?

Yet further to my recent observation that residents’ meetings tend to get swamped by private obsessions, the coronavirus discussion on our local vecinos' Whatsapp group has started to focus on the clearly all-important matter of whether this is all a dastardly attack on America by the Chinese or vice versa. One guy in particular is sharing entire essays on the subject.

Whilst it surely suits us all now to consider how anything we’re doing could be bettered through (certain forms of) collaboration, we also need to consider how individually or together, we can also make a real mess of things. 

Bread supplies running low? Here's a a tip for picking in a slimmer sort of way

On my first trip to the USSR in '84 one of my companions survived for ten days on peanuts, chocolate and vodka. Just saying. 

Anyway, on the subject of vecinos, this did make me chuckle...

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