Saturday, March 28, 2020

Meanwhile, down south...

Chile now has 1909 cases. 

Local businesses say up to 80% will fail if this all goes on for more than three months. 

Piñera has even more trouble than Giammattei with recusant diputados opposed to following up the lockdown with any sort of financial assistance for the unemployed. 

The anti-facho contingent must be a bit conflicted right now, as indeed should anyone be who is habitually committed to civil liberties. 

300 have been arrested for curfew violations, thus far. (Not quite the levels that Guatemala has witnessed, relatively-speaking.)

Chile’s referendum and constituent assembly have been pushed back from April to October, something the government and opposition were able to agree on. 

They also seem to be taking the need for additional psychological clinics as seriously as emergency field hospitals. 

There are pumas on the streets of Santiago. 

Yesterday in Guatemala two foreigners with suspected covid-19 were found dead in a house on the Carretera a El Salvador. It has to be said that facial-cranial trauma was not one of the 'mild symptoms' that I was previously aware of. 

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