Thursday, April 03, 2008

Quantum of Solace = $690?

V passed on a great story last night about the mayor of a small town in northern Chile called Sierra Gorda who discovered that the crew for the new Bond movie were filming on his patch and trying to pass it off as Bolivia. He gathered a posse of two hundred men and drove out to the location at Baquedano in a big truck and proceeded to disrupt the shoot for several hours.

Things got even worse when the production team tried to make him go away for $690.

The mineral-rich Antofagasta region has been in dispute since Chile snatched it after warring with Bolivia between 1879-83 and the two countries have yet to restore diplomatic relations it seems.

Mayor Carlos López was later quoted as saying: "I also disagree with national territory being used as locations to represent other countries...even in a fictional film, unfortunately friendly, neighbouring countries use decisions like this to make unjustified claims."

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