Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ZVUK Bazaar (1)

"A truly awesome evening is guaranteed," advised the blurb on The Crooked Billet website and they weren't kidding. As you will see from my clips, we were well positioned on Monday night for listening, if not for Daily Motioning.

Still, I think I managed to capture most of the atmosphere and a good deal of the virtuosity of this quartet of musicians playing a foot tapping mix of former Soviet and New European 'gypsy jazz' and folk.

The accordionist whose back features so prominently in my videos was the Ukrainian Bodan Chomenko. He was supported by the excellent Polish violinist Piotr Jorden, plus Jez Cook on his Maccaferri guitar and Andy Crowdy, the backbone of almost every band appearing at the CB, on double bass.

More to follow...

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