Monday, July 14, 2008

Some random Guatemala facts

Guatemala City (population around 4.5m) has a capacity for 350,000 in circulation. There are however around 850,000 on its roads every weekday morning.

41% of the wine imported into Guatemala comes from Chile. Wine imports have increased by roughly 200% over the past decade. In 2007 they had a value of $6.8m in total. The next biggest importer is Spain with 23%. Oddly the Argies account for just 5% of the market. 7% comes from Gringolandia.

Prices of basic goods have been soaring here this year. The staple with the biggest price increase is the tomato (at 22%) followed by frijoles negros (black beans) at 12%.

Guatemala's armed forces number 15,500, 13,500 of which are soldiers and the remainder divided roughly equally between the Navy and the Air Force.

80% of all software installed in Guatemala is pirated. The biggest concentration of illegal software is to be found in government offices. Regionally this compares with the figure of 87% in Venezuela and 59% in Brazil.

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Guatemala Facts said...

It is hard to believe it is this high:
80% of all software installed in Guatemala is pirated