Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Gloria and Greta

Gloria Álvarez has been using Greta's burst of fame this side of the pond to have another bash at the socialists and their environmental record. (Chernobyl bla, bla, bla.) 

Being both a right-leaning libertarian and an environmentalist, the Greta phenomenon must be exposing some of the crevices in her weltanschauung

On one level though she's kind of right. 

Greta, like many other slightly jarring individuals throughout history is bringing an important issue to the top of the agenda in a way that well-meaning, anodyne politicians would never be able to. 

Nevertheless, there's a danger that she will be co-opted and ultimately smothered by the wider wokeness programme, with climate change joining immigration and identity as areas of the discourse that are muddied by partisan sentiments. 

The hard left has made a habit of presenting certain things as indisputable facts when they are not, at least not in the same way that man made climate change essentially is. 

We need to find a way for action on the climate crisis to be placed safely outside the cultural battlefield.

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