Friday, September 27, 2019

Walkers with Seats

Referring to Parliament as ‘dead’ is not just inappropriate language, it is a deliberate and dangerous misconstruction. 

This Parliament is not some sort of undead creature left over from the antediluvian past before the ‘largest democratic exercise in British history’. 

It was constituted little over a couple of years ago and is a direct (and well deserved) consequence of the government calling a general election in a wholly opportunistic manner. 

It is thus appropriate they they should still have to live with the consequences and not try to appeal beyond this sovereign body to ‘the people’ (the mob) — by which they seem to mean 52% of the eligible types who turned out to make an uninformed decision three years ago, many of whom may never have voted Conservative in their lives, and even now may not choose to do so. 

Many of whom may also be the real zombies in this protracted apocalyptic narrative. 

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