Sunday, September 22, 2019


It's clear that La Antigua's plastic bag ban has gone all que sera sera, like pretty much everything else in this country. Rolling it out to national level by 2021 when it is clearly failing at the local is just the sort of vacuous virtue-signalling nonsense we are now being forced to swallow. (See recent post on antibiotics). The sort of thing that congressmen with cocaine labs in their back yards would come up with. Anyway, how about some recycling options? 

However....this idea recently trialled at a transgender conference is something I could really get behind. Would-be pedestrians in town would be obliged to visit El Castillo or La Mariposa to purchase little round red, yellow or green stickers to be worn conspicuously on the forehead or gorra. 

This would come in especially handy at La Bodegona.

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