Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Fuckup Nights

At first glance I thought this sign at the Selina hostel was advertising a guided tour of some of Chepe’s less salubrious nocturnal hotspots. 

There are definitely cities in the world that might more naturally lend themselves to that sort of excursion (Tokyo for one), yet perhaps the unguided nature of the journey is an essential part of the experience. 

Anyway, ‘Fuckup’ here is a slightly more po-faced outing for those who haven’t so much come to Costa Rica for the leafy, off-the-grid professional intermission as for a personal and networking growth opportunity. 

Or maybe just to finally open up about the time they accidentally CC’d the entire company on THAT email. 

Appropriate to a slightly bizarre institution in Barrio Amon, which appears to cater largely for people who look like they work for Google.

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