Saturday, December 18, 2021

"I couldn't believe what I was living..."

On a slightly different note, where I am right now it is high party season. The clubs are bursting with maskless revelers, mostly from the USA.

I have long associated this track with Playa, and at this precise moment, more than ever. 

Yet the new case numbers in Quintana Roo have sunk to near zero and the tequila-chugging gringos did not all arrive yesterday.

These people will all need to be tested before departure, so the system should be picking up any spikes from all that carefree mingling. And Playa should be packed with people who can't go home because they failed an antigen test.

I have another pet theory about a dynamic that will affect the course of the pandemic now: all these individuals who behave in a manner that might appear ‘irresponsible’ to a good many of us have been doing it all along.

And so many of them may well have had covid already which, combined with a vaccination, does seem to confer a kind of super-immunity.
Of course some will pointing to the corruption in Quintana Roo and the possibility of under-counting (Or Donald accounting: the more tests you do, the more cases you get.)

But then we enter that absurd world where the numbers are correct when they conform to our present thinking, and emotions, and when they don't, someone must be telling porkies.  

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