Friday, March 16, 2007

Buzzed up

Taiwan is thinking of selling some of its mothballed F5-E fighters and Guatemala is reportedly amongst the interested buyers.

They must have got the buzz earlier this week when their airspace was hijacked by USAF jets during the visit of 'El Pato Cojo'. Washington, which places strict controls on the resale of military hardware it provides to allies, would have final say on the sale. (The US is bound by law to assist Taiwan in its defence.)

Now that the spiritual clean-up operation has been completed and all vestiges of the President's phantasmal slime scraped off the ruins at Iximché, it has emerged that what really narked the local community was the fact that the version of the ancient Mayan ballgame set up for Bush to witness at the site involved a gold-coloured soccer ball.

ISN Security Watch reports today that Dubya's tour down south didn't achieve very much. Well, duh!

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