Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Uribe on the war path?

A very muddled piece of journalism this from Global Daily Insight yesterday:

"Guatemala's Alvaro Uribe government is facing fresh potential for social protests after a rural demonstrator implicated in the kidnap of four Belgian tourists was injured in the military operation to restore their freedom. Mario Caal was among the residents of Livingston (Izabal province) in Guatemala’s Caribbean area who took four Belgian holiday-makers—Gabriel Van Huysse, Marie Paul Duboise, Eric Stofferis, and Jenny Belaen—hostage last Friday (14 March)....Guatemala’s Human Rights Comptroller General (PDH) has opened a probe into the alleged 'extrajudicial execution' of Caal."

So, was Caal mildly inconvenienced, injured or terminated? And has Uribe now invaded Guatemala as well?!

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